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yukitsubute wrote in sk_exchange
Hello out there!

This is my try to make a Senpai-kouhai exchange. I thought a lot how to make the rules for this exchange, and I think I came to a result.

Here are the rules for this exchanges:

1. Fics must be at least 2000 words in length. There is no maximum.

2. You must have written at least one fic over 1000 words.

3. All stories must be beta-read. If you can't find a beta-reader, I will give my best to search for one.

4. You have to name at least THREE pairings to participate in this exchange and FIVE pairings you are willing to write. (Simply because there are soooo many various options in this exchange, and I want everyone to get something he/she wants to write and I want everyone to recieve what he/she wants to have) Which pairings you can name and how you have to sign up go HERE

5. NO underaged porn!!!!

6.  Drama crossovers are totally welcomed, but please name at least ONE other pairing.

7. Please keep your assignment as a secret. After we revealed the authors you can post your fic wherever you want to. But till then you have to keep silent.

8. You have enough time to write your story, so please be in time with your fic! Of course there can always happen bad things, or RL is bothering you. But if you need to drop out, please don't do it a few days before writing ends. Give the pinch-hitters a few more days.

9. Please make sure that you have time to write for this exchange, and don't sign up just because of fun.

10. Once you are finished sent us your fics to
yukitsubute [at] gmail [dot] com. Other details will send out with the assignment.

11. If you have any questions, I'll happily answer them. You can send me a PM or a Mail at I will answer all the questions, while my "partner" ryoxxxkame will make the assignments.

12. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Signups begin: 15.Juli
Signups end: 20th August
Assignments sent out: August 23rd- 25th
Fics due: October 28th
Fic posting begins: November 13th
Reveals: One week after posting

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This exchange... <3

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