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Junba winter hug
Hello to everyone!

I am so terribly sorry for not posting an entry here and explaining why I didn't make the assignments till now.

I was really busy during the last weeks, there was so much to do, and I had no time, and to be honest I forgot about it.

And now we have so many exchanges going, so I decided to wait with this one at least two months. So I will start again in January, with a complete new Schedule and sign up.

I am again really sorry for bothering you all. And I am sorry for everyone who already joined the exchange. I hope you will come again, when I make another try. <3


New Schedule!
Junba winter hug

Hello to everyone!!

Because there are so many exchanges going right now, I decided to make the schedule a bit longer:

Signups begin: 15.Juli
Signups end: 20th September
Assignments sent out: September 23rd- 25th
Fics due: November 28th
Fic posting begins: December 13th
Reveals: One week after posting

I think it's better to keep it longer, so everyone has more time, and there are hardly any other exchanges going due this time. :DDD

I hope you don't mind about it. :)



Sign ups
Junba winter hug
So here we are. The sign ups. :)

Which pairings am I allowed to name?
Every group and person in JE fandom is allowed. No matter if debuted or not.

BUT: Make sure that the pairing you name is a Senpai/Kouhai pairing. There are no other pairings allowed.
You can also name in-group pairings, but there really has to be the Senpai/Kouhai thing. I will look at your sign ups and tell you, if I don't conform to something.

For example

Pro: YokoRyo = Yoko was Ryo's Senpai through all the years, that's nothing I imgaine, because they said it in various interviews.

Contra: MatsuJun/Ryo: Jun is a bit older than Ryo, but he isn't really his Senpai. They are friends, but they don't share a Senpai/Kouhai relationship.

Pro: Kame/Kimura: Kimura is much older than Kame is. It's no secret that he is Kame's Senpai.

Contra: RyoKame: Kame is younger than Ryo, but they are on the same level. There is no Senpai/Kouhai relationship between them.

I know it's hard to differ, but I promise I won't be too picky about it. I just don't want the Exchange to end in a "you can name whatever you want" exchange. :)

And please stay in JE fandom! It's easier for me to pair you with someone.

Something else really important: Please no underaged porn!!!!!!!!!

Something else, which is really important:
You have to name three pairings you want, and at least FIVE pairings you write! I know that's much, but because there are so many various pairings possible, I need to be sure that I can pair up everyone. So please be more open minded concerning writing things. <3

How to sign up?

Sign ups should look like this:
Fic Journal/Archive:
Pairings you want to write:
Pairings/People you DON'T want to write:
Pairings/People you want in your fic:
Who do you NOT WANT:
What do you want to read in your fic (situations/kinks/genres):
What do you NOT like to receive (situations/kinks/genres):
Preferred rating:
Could you pinch-hit?
Could you beta?
Anything else you want to say?

Use this style sheet for your sign up post:

At last some other points, which are important:

- Please don't be too vague in your sign up. Give your author the chance to know what you want to have. Give your author some good input for the story. :)
- To the authors: Please look at the assignment you get! Try to write what they want, and if you don't know what you shall write, ask me. I will contact the recipient. But please don't write anything!
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. You can send me a PM or write me here: yukitsubute@gmail.com (Please don't write ryoxxxkame. She is away now, she only comes back for making the assignments for me. :) )
- Go wild and have fun with the exchange. I hope to get mannnnnyyyy recipients for my first Exchange <3

Signups begin: 15.Juli
Signups end: 20th August
Assignments sent out: August 23rd- 25th
Fics due: October 28th
Fic posting begins: November 13th
Reveals: One week after posting

Junba winter hug
Hello out there!

This is my try to make a Senpai-kouhai exchange. I thought a lot how to make the rules for this exchange, and I think I came to a result.

Here are the rules for this exchanges:

1. Fics must be at least 2000 words in length. There is no maximum.

2. You must have written at least one fic over 1000 words.

3. All stories must be beta-read. If you can't find a beta-reader, I will give my best to search for one.

4. You have to name at least THREE pairings to participate in this exchange and FIVE pairings you are willing to write. (Simply because there are soooo many various options in this exchange, and I want everyone to get something he/she wants to write and I want everyone to recieve what he/she wants to have) Which pairings you can name and how you have to sign up go HERE

5. NO underaged porn!!!!

6.  Drama crossovers are totally welcomed, but please name at least ONE other pairing.

7. Please keep your assignment as a secret. After we revealed the authors you can post your fic wherever you want to. But till then you have to keep silent.

8. You have enough time to write your story, so please be in time with your fic! Of course there can always happen bad things, or RL is bothering you. But if you need to drop out, please don't do it a few days before writing ends. Give the pinch-hitters a few more days.

9. Please make sure that you have time to write for this exchange, and don't sign up just because of fun.

10. Once you are finished sent us your fics to
yukitsubute [at] gmail [dot] com. Other details will send out with the assignment.

11. If you have any questions, I'll happily answer them. You can send me a PM or a Mail at yukitsubute@gmail.com. I will answer all the questions, while my "partner" ryoxxxkame will make the assignments.

12. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Signups begin: 15.Juli
Signups end: 20th August
Assignments sent out: August 23rd- 25th
Fics due: October 28th
Fic posting begins: November 13th
Reveals: One week after posting


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